Dye Sublimation Process

The dye sub industry is growing in popularity each year. There are advantages to this process and many customers want to know more. Here's a quick walk-through of how it works...

1. Design:  Just like all our processes, it begins in the computer. The difference with dye sublimated apparel is the graphics are fitted to each piece of the pattern.  Every sleeve, collar, pocket and bodice gets imprinted with anything you can imagine.  This is FULL coverage, FULL color, LIMITLESS design options. Individual names and numbers can be added with a few keyboard clicks.

2. Print:  Once our design is set, each shirt gets printed at full size on a large format digital printer. Our printer uses formulated sublimation inks which are jetted onto specially coated paper.

3. Heat:  The imprinted rolls of paper are unwound and fed into a rotary heat press.  At the same time, rolls of fabric are unwound and joined with the paper as it feeds through.  As the paper and fabric are pressurized and heated together, the dye-sub ink transfers from solid state to gas (bypassing the liquid state, this is the scientific meaning of "sublimation"). The gas dyes the design into the fabric.  The dye is permanent and will not fade.  There is no ink buildup so the fabric maintains its original texture and breath-ability.

4. Cut:  Our shirts contain anywhere from 5-24 pieces each. They are cut by hand in our shop. Each piece is labeled and organized for sewing.

5. Sew:  The last step is an entire process unto itself. Our sewing team has years of experience in the apparel industry. Each shirt goes through multiple steps and sewing machines before completion.  They are then custom tagged, folded and bagged.


We're excited to offer dye sublimated shirts and apparel to our customers. These garments are great for designs that incorporate multiple logos or individual names.  They're also the perfect way to capture designs that are bold, detailed and colorful.  The fabrics we use are moisture-wicking and UV protected. Our handcrafted quality is second to none and all made in the USA. We offer low minimums and quick turnaround on every product. Oh - and we also produce more than just apparel - our custom banners, flags, table covers and chair covers are perfect for the hospitality industry or anyone looking to make a statement at their next event.  Dye Sublimation can set you apart with a cutting-edge look.  Contact us today!